Deposit Return Scheme Update - Final Checklist for Retailers

Final Checklist for Retailers

Re-turn is encouraging all Retailers to do a final checklist in preparation for go live of the Deposit Return Scheme on 1 February. This applies to all Retailers regardless of whether they have been granted a Take Back Exemption. 
To access the 'Retailer Journey Guide', which details all steps involved in registration, please click here.

To view the 'Retailer Need to Know' Guide, please click here.
All Retailers should ensure they complete registration on the portal including:

  • Provide Financial details if not already submitted. Re-turn cannot pay Handling & Deposit Fees without this information. Those granted a Take Back Exemption do not need to complete this section
  • Where Retailers opt for automated return, Reverse Vending Machine (RVM), please ensure to input your RVM serial number asap
  • Check the 'Retailer/Trading name' field - this is the name that will be displayed on the Deposit Return Point Map on the Re-turn website from 1 February, so please be clear as to your preference


Check for email from portal prompting download of your Membership Certificate or Take Back Exemption Certificate for each premises. This Certificate should be printed in colour and be at least A4 in size. As per the Membership rules, the Certificate must be displayed prominently for consumers to see in-store from 1 February.

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