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Lotto Jackpot - Play Limits In Retail

Are there purchase limits for Lotto tickets in-store?

While there are no official limits to the number of Lotto tickets you can sell in-store, there are a number of issues which may restrict how much you may sell in National Lottery products. Each National Lottery Agent has a credit sales limit in place which is twice your weekly average over the previous ten weeks period. If you do receive a request from a player to play a large sum which could affect your sales limit, please contact the National Lottery helpdesk on 1800 22 44 55.

Sales of Alcohol - Managing Staff Alcohol Training

  • Shop owners must ensure that staff training in alcohol sales is regularly updated and completion of training is recorded. Training will ensure that all staff fully comprehend the law and the procedures and policies about the sale of alcohol.
  • Ensure staff are aware that all alcohol must be displayed in a separate area of a retail outlet that is separated by a physical barrier which has a minimum height of not less than 1.2 metres and through which alcohol and advertisements for alcohol are not visible. Smaller retail outlets, one or more enclosed adjacent storage units on the shop floor in which the products are not visible up to a minimum height of 1.5 metres.
  • Have a clear shop policy re checking ID - if in any doubt about whether the customer is old enough, ask for photo ID (Garda Age Card/Passport). If they have no ID, refuse the sale.
  • Display signs stating that alcohol will not be sold to under-age persons. These signs should be displayed at point of sale in order to remind staff to check a person’s age who is seeking to purchase alcohol.
  • Monitor and audit staff on a regular basis and maintain a record of all incidents that occur. Up to date records and signed forms re completion of training will assist your defence in court if your shop is prosecuted for staff breaching the law.
  • Ensure till operators are over 18 years and tills are appropriately signposted to comply with rules about the age of the seller. The staff member must be over 18 to sell alcohol. Tills that sell alcohol products must be signposted.
  • Ensure staff members are aware of the minimum unit pricing of alcohol, changes that took place in January, click here 


Show Me ID - Free Online Staff Training

Retailers will also be encouraged to ensure that their staff have undergone the free, online training in age restricted sales available at

Affinity Partners 

RGDATA has entered into Affinity Partnerships with organisations that provide expert advice, products and services that offer real value to members. Our Affinity Partners are committed to working with RGDATA to ensure that members get real benefits from this Partnership. The full selection of Affinity Partners is listed in their area of expertise or service. We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to our Affinity Partners.

Recruitment: EXCEL                     

Finance: BOI                     

Education: GRIFFITH COLLEGE                               



Food Safety and Hygiene

Be Food Allergen Aware
    1. Declare the use of the 14 food allergens in writing
    2. Ensure the allergen information is legible and clear
    3. Ensure the allergen information is easily accessible to your customers
    4. Ensure the allergen information is up-to-date
    5. Monitor your suppliers’ allergen information

Irish Grocers' Benevolent Fund

The Irish Grocers Benevolent Fund (IGBF), founded over 30 years ago, by Mr. Tim Nolan and the late Mr. Gerry Duffy is a national registered charity assisting people in the retail, wholesale and supplier trade sectors. The objective of the fund is to provide financial relief for persons in need who have been involved in these trade sectors.

For over 30 years, enormous assistance has been provided to relieve hardship amongst unemployed and retired members and their spouses, who have fallen on difficult times because of ill health or bereavement.

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